You Want to Write for Films and Get the Big Boys’ Attention?

An app may be opening doors to the high-powered film execs who can reveal talent where it would have languished.

Dr. Patricia Farrell
4 min readOct 23, 2020


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I don’t care who you are. When you sit down to write the first page of your screenplay, in your head, you’re also writing your Oscar acceptance speech. — Nora Ephron

Writing a screenplay and you want to get noticed, get a meeting with someone who really matters in this industry? Your prayers may have been answered to some extent, and it’s not how you think.

Anyone who writes, even the most famous writers who went on to incredible fame, has a trunk full of scripts that may never see the light of day. Why? Because the daunting task of trying to get someone, anyone, to read your stuff is a task only comparable to committing suicide with a dull blade.

No one wants to be bothered reading your work and therein lies the problems — all those little people who claim they can get you a meeting but don’t and can’t.

Have you paid them for this entree to the inner sanctum of screenwriting? I’ll bet you have, and you’ve taken a course or two with them either in person or online. Nothing worked even if you followed their “can’t fail” formula.


The Sly Stallone Story

How many revisions did the struggling actor, Slyvester Stallone, write before anyone would give it a peek?

Stallone wrote incessantly every day with little success because he was missing, he later conceded, the main focal point of any film — conflict. Where did he find that breakthrough writing moment? At a Mohammad Ali fight where the underdog overcame his obstacles and succeeded. He relates his story and how it unfolded in a telling video.



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