Irene, of Red Velvet, May Regret Her Unforgivable Behavior

Singing stars are only stars as long as their fans stay with them, and she’s getting some negative comments.

Dr. Patricia Farrell
3 min readOct 28, 2020


Image: Irene’s Instagram account

I’m shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I’ve done everything I can to avoid it. — Johnny Depp

Irene of popular K — pop group Red Velvet is beginning to feel the heat after her disturbing behavior toward someone trying to assist her in getting ready for an event.

In fact, a petition has begun to ask for her to step down from her lead position in the group. “If Irene does not leave the band, the scandal will haunt Red Velvet and deal a critical blow to the band's image,” the petition reads.

That warning is now spreading, especially after the group was forced to cancel a fan meet-up. After the incident with the stylist went public, fans quickly figured out who the editor was accusing. Once the fan reaction began to swell, Irene was forced to make a public apology.

Her behavior seems to be in line with those other corporate “princesses” in the country who believe they are above civility and can treat servers any way they wish. One of them threw a dish of nuts at a stewardess on a plane. Why? She didn’t like the way they were presented.

Irene had communicated with her fans in a written apology saying she was sorry the stylist had been upset by her “foolish attitude and careless words and actions.” The stylist, for her part, felt “completely stampeded upon and bullied by one person.”

She did not name Irene in her comments on Instagram, but the fans quickly figured who it must be. “I thought I had experienced all kinds of people and gave up on such matters, having worked 15 years in this field, but I was wrong,” the stylist retorted.

Being with Irene in that state was, she indicated, like being 20 minutes in hell. “No hellos exchange, shouting in my face with her phone in hand. Pointing her fingers while I stood and she sat in the chair, blurting out the words.”

The stylist was crying as she stood and listened to the venomous word being flung at her and…



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