E-mail Harassment From Anonymous Sources

Two or maybe even three years ago, I wrote a blog on the serious issue related to the use of Korean women as, possibly, involuntary providers of sex (comfort women) for Japanese soldiers during WWII. The issue has created a firestorm in the East as well as in Asian communities here in the US. No doubt it is for good reason because no one wants anyone from their culture (on either side) to be seen as this dastardly.

If it was done, it is truly horrific and I believe that one of the Japanese Prime Ministers did apologize for actions during WWII. Korean women, it would seem, weren’t the only persons toward whom undeniably unspeakable acts were perpetrated. American soldiers were subjected to vivisection and that’s something we need to remember, too. I’m not sure where you’d rate this on a scale of inhumanity, but I think it’s at the top of it. Cutting a living person open and then doing “experiments” on beating hearts and lungs, removing organs, etc. is more gruesome than even our worst horror movies. Hannibal Lecter, of course, comes to mind here.

My blog has touched a particularly sensitive nerve in someone in Japan and they are raining down incredibly long email assaults into my Inbox. What do they want me to do? I stopped reading after email number five or so because it was a constant harangue with supporting links. When I say these emails were long I am not exaggerating. They seemed to go on for pages.

Finally, in an attempt to stop this Yahoo mail user, I sent a note requesting some degree of civility from him and explaining that I’m not the person he needs to address his dialog to in the first place. What happened when I did that? You guessed it. It bounced back to me telling me that in .jp there is no such Yahoo account and the message was undeliverable.

Seems our man is using some sort of routine that will allow him to send out emails with a fake return email address to avoid getting harassed in kind for his missives. Clever but, if he truly wants to dialog, why hide who he is? I’m not going to bother giving this more thought because I’ve gotten a solution.

Do you use Google mail? Okay, then when you come across something like this, go to your Settings, create a Filter, Create Filter and check the box that indicates “Delete” these emails. Hopefully, I will never receive another of these again. Now it’s wait and see time.

Wonder who else is getting these emails. I’ll bet it’s a bot that someone created and it’s going out to hundreds, if not thousands of weary people who’d like some relief.


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Dr. Farrell is a psychologist, WebMD consultant, SAG/AFTRA member, author, interested in film, writing & health. Website: http://t.co/VT8mvcAvRz

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