How to protect yourself from harm from “therapists”

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A therapist or, more appropriately, a psychotherapist, in this case, is a word we never associate with evil. The word evil is reserved for use in the religious realm as is the concept of the Devil (see Elaine Pagels’ “The Origin of Satin” or Bart Ehrman’s “God’s Problem”).

With the popularization of therapy, possibly related to its extolling by the wealthy and famous and availability of health insurance, change has come. Psychiatrists even considered whether or not if “evil” exists…

Why there is such urgency to get kids back in school and the pushback this is receiving from families

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The COVID-19 virus is flourishing at breakneck speed into the small towns and states where they thought they were immune. It was a “big city” problem and they were protected until they weren’t.

And with the virus came the danger to work and education as companies sent workers home and schools closed. Then came the unending din of a call to open the schools.

We heard that children would be fine, teachers would be safe, and kids didn’t get…

Will a VO weeks before an election make a difference?

Image: Production still from Columbia Pictures for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

Brad Pitt is an actor whose name causes ears to shoot up whenever he’s mentioned anywhere in the world. He is among the pantheon of film stars who can ensure box office dynamite when his name is above the title and, as a result, he can influence many fans.

The guy with the cowboy hat and the made-for-movies bod (remember “Thelma and Louise?”), Pitt has been involved in many humanitarian causes, but he’s always kept it quiet. When Hurricane Katrina devastated housing in New Orleans, Pitt assembled a planning and construction crew.

His environmentally friendly Make It Right Foundation

An app may be opening doors to the high-powered film execs who can reveal talent where it would have languished.

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Writing a screenplay and you want to get noticed, get a meeting with someone who really matters in this industry? Your prayers may have been answered to some extent, and it’s not how you think.

Anyone who writes, even the most famous writers who went on to incredible fame, has a trunk full of scripts that may never see the light of day. Why? …

You think you’re having a COVID-19 nose swab, but they see billions in profit potential.

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The COVID-19 virus is overtaking the world (a third surge is evident in the US now) and causing death and economic ruin wherever it is found, but not for all. Whenever there’s a disaster, therein lies the seeds for greed for those who see incredible opportunity in the wake of helplessness.

Yes, we should be…

Medications that heal and keep us healthy also can have psychiatric effects, and therein lies a problem.

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Humans are prone to illness and disease; there is no doubt, but how these illnesses are treated is often misunderstood. Patients are thankful that there are medications today that were once mere far-fetched dreams in the minds of scientists. We not only have medicines, but we have medical procedures that save lives. Even here, there is no infallibility.

Research has…

Renowned universities hold tours for parents whose daughters decide which school is a good fit, but the schools may not be upfront on assaults.

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Young girls seeking a university education are embarking on campus tours with their parents. But while the tour leaders are pointing out the wonderful amenities, the laundry rooms, upscale dorm rooms, and superior athletic facilities, there’s one thing not on the agenda, rape.

I taught at a very well-known university with high marks in athletics, medicine, music, and computer science for many summers. …

The language we use has enormous power to create the illusion of genius or impose the dire effects of stigma, no less so in the world of mental health.

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Over the decades, the questions of mental health research have centered on mental illness, its incidence, descriptors, treatments, and demographics, and the question of stigma. One study found that the Irish had a specific gene for schizophrenia. How did that happen, you must be asking. Is this gene running rampant in the population there, and are they polluting the world with it?

A study of nursing students found that those in…

Medical specialties have sliced up the human body into a considerable number of specialties and subspecialties, and this often disorganized group of providers may not improve your health, either physical or mental.

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The specialization of medicine (more than 135 in all) has led to more intense research studies and more proficiency of healthcare providers, but it has also resulted in a separation of services. Consider that the average older adult may have several providers for healthcare, and there may be ancillary ones. All told, it can add up to mistakes. …

Vaccinations currently require an injection, which is a problem for many people with needle phobia (trypanophobia).

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A fear of injections or hypodermic needles is also known as trypanophobia or blood-injection-injury type effects—over half of those who refuse to be vaccinated for Covid-19 experience this form of severe anxiety. In fact, this phobia is one reason individuals avoid medical care.

Some estimations place the incidence of this phobia at 10% of the population, and others see it as present in 25% of adults. In the medical profession, it is viewed as a neglected diagnosis.

Causes of the phobia may be anything…

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